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Beejive IM updated to 2.0

Beejive IM, the Swiss army knife of instant messaging on the iPhone, was recently updated to version 2.0. Beejive allows you to connect with many different instant messaging services including: AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN/Live, Myspace IM, and Yahoo messenger. This application was already top-notch in the previous versions and this new version just makes things a lot better. Let’s take a look at each of the changes to Beejive.

via Beejive IM updated to 2.0, includes audio messaging – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

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Beejive IM is the best IM client for the iPhone, period.

Shame that it’s sooooo expensive! WHY?!! 🙁

DoYouFeed.com WordPress plugin causing site lag?

Well, I figured there was something wrong when my website was taking over a full minute to load.

I used Safari’s Web Inspector to narrow it down to one file: load.php

Now, that file is a part of DoYouFeed.com’s wordpress plugin.

For the uninitiated, the DoYouFeed plugin allows wordpress users to activate a iPhone/iPod Touch friendly version of their website – using specialised User Agent calls and so forth.

Unfortunately, the plugin was making my site lag like hell – freshbytes, too – so I have disabled it for now.

If anyone knows any wordpress-friendly iPhone/iPod Touch friendly content formatters/aggregators, then get in touch with me, either via comments on this post, or the Contact page.

Ideally, I’d like something like the tumblr-optimised iPhone/iPod Touch specific version, ala Adam D’s tumblelog in iPhone format. That’s seriously ultimate.

iPhone 3G unlock – yellowsn0w is out!

As reported in the Dev Team IRC channel, Vodafone works. 3 works. (now just need Telstra + Optus/Virgin to be tested) 🙂

via iPhone 3G unlock – yellowsn0w is out! – MacTalk Forums.

See original source here.

AFAIK – all Australian telcos who support the iPhone work. This includes Telstra, Optus/Virgin, Vodafone, and 3.

I’m still deciding… Do I really need my iPhone AS A PHONE when I go overseas?

It can function perfectly otherwise… Just needs Wi-Fi for data (which is admittedly scarce where I am going), but otherwise, it’s a small iPod.