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motionally.com | inexpensive HD motion graphics | WELCOME

Motionally.com provides inexpensive royalty-free HD motion graphics templates you can use immediately within Final Cut Pro.

We produce finished templates — mostly lower thirds Master templates — that you can use directly in Final Cut Pro without further tweaking. HD 1080p, 1080i, 720p and SD resolutions at PAL or NTSC frame rates, 16:9 or 4:3 title safe — no problem.

via motionally.com | inexpensive HD motion graphics | WELCOME.

Iain Anderson, from motionally.com did me a huge favour: he enabled the emoji keyboard on my iPhone for me.

The emoji saga as I’ll call it, happened when I saw the thread on MacTalk forums saying that a particular iPhone app (since removed from the App Store) enabled the Emoji keyboard for you – even if you weren’t with a supported Japanese carrier.

I then contacted Iain, who was willing to make a small ad-hoc app that ran the “Emoji-enabling” code when opened. All I had to do was send him my iPhone’s UDID (easy with apps like iStat for iPhone), and he did the rest.

Sure, there are now free apps on the app store that will enable the Emoji keyboard for you – just search “emoji” on the app store. I think there’s a $1.19 typing program that does it (as well as a free one).

To actually enable the emoji keyboard, though: Launch the app, hit the home button, go to Settings –> General –> Keyboard –> International Keyboards –> Japanese and then change “Emoji” from OFF, to ON. It’s that simple.

So, there you have it. Emoji will now be enabled, and you’ll be able to send cute animations to all your iPhone-friends. For the full FAQ, hit up the Mactalk link here.

Thanks once again, Iain. Your iPhone-registered developerness was much appreaciated in this instance! 😛