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Two Things About Tanks

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed lately, you would have seen this.

If not, here it is again, the picture speaks for itself…

Hit the image up for more detailed L4D stats.

  1. A tank set on fire will always die in 30 seconds.
  2. Tank on fire speed comparison.

In summary: any tank set on fire will die in 30 seconds, and in campaign mode, any tank on fire will be significantly faster than a non-flamed tank, while in versus mode the tank is slower when on fire.

Now the only question becomes what the tank is like in Survival mode…

Left 4 Dead DLC news coming “shortly” to PC, 360

Left 4 Dead was easily one of the most exciting PC releases of the year and has kept most of us blasting zombies with friends well through the holidays. But as good as the stock game is, some Team Fortress 2-style downloadable content will surely make it better, and Valve has revealed that the first batch of Left 4 Dead DLC will be revealed “shortly.”

via Left 4 Dead DLC news coming “shortly” to PC, 360.

Any L4D news is good news.

Downloadable content, however, is even better news.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Left 4 Dead is a really, really, good game.

Co-Op is awesome, and Versus is fun as well.

I’m one of those gamers who doesn’t like killing their friends in video games, so Co-Op is always something that I’ve enjoyed. For me, it feels like I’m a part of a team, heading towards a common goal.

The first time I came across co-op was in back in the days when I had a GameCube. Man those things were awesome. Anyway, Dave and I rented out Conflict:Desert Storm for a weekend, and we were hooked.

It’s no surprise that he ended up getting it for his original Xbox.

…and thus, my love for Co-Op gameplay was born.