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A wild ABRA appeared!


My favorite part is where he calls this exchange “mad gay” and then spits out “mewtwo” like second nature.

via The Daily What.

It’s funny, because if you ever met Abra in an actual Pokemon game (highly, highly prized Abra, who evolved into Kadabra, who evolved into the uber-powerful physic-type pokemon Alakazam), he’d immediately teleport away unless you threw something like a speed or master ball at him.

Yeah. Pokemon was pretty cool.

One-fifty-one 4 lyfe.


via The Daily What.

At a stretch, I’d go to 251, but then things start to become weird – Ruby and Sapphire, and Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald just made things bizzare at 386 Pokemon, plus these version only suggested to users to catch a selected assortment of Pokemon, rather than the “Gotta catch ’em all”, “Pokemon Master” mentality of the earlier games.

Then all sanity just went out the window with Diamond and Pearl – 107 new Pokemon were added to bring the species count to 493.

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