75 Must Have Games for the Holidays

Reviews Editor Tae K. Kim says: “Taking the survival horror genre to new heights, Left4Dead is an adrenaline fueled kick to the sensory organs. Cast as one of four survivors who are under siege by an undead horde, you must shoot, run and survive. What elevates the game to greatness is the fantastic multiplayer component. You can go online and play with friends in a cooperative mode-four players all acting as a team to survive the zombie onslaught-or play deathmatch where you can cast yourself as one the undead masses to take down survivors controlled by other human players. It’s an insane amount of fun and definitely deserves a spot in every PC gamers’ library.”

via Feature : 75 Must Have Games for the Holidays [Domestic] – Page 4- from GamePro.com.

Left 4 Dead, huh?

I have it, but if only I had a computer that could handle it… 🙁

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