Fun in Data Management wasn’t something I thought possible!

But somehow, we managed. Behold:

What you see there, ladies and gents, is the fruits of a KXX131 survey on something inconsequential.

Now obviously we were expected to fill in the right-hand column with values from 1-6 indicating our preference.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. 😛

What did happen was some smart-arse response from me involving pi, a null value, and the number 10.

My survey response was pretty tame in comparison to James’ – that guy managed to sneak in phi, infinity, the square root of minus one, and natural e. Impressive, no?

KXX131, you were a decent subject. Between your “wang operators” and “crud”, you bought the lulz. It was a pity that your content was as dry as it was, then.

This post part of Blogtober 2009 – unlike the past two posts, this one isn’t late. There’s no guarantee that the next couple of posts won’t be, though 😉

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