Internode are AWESOME!

Yes, the return of “is AWESOME!” posts.

Finally, you might say.

In any case: Internode. New levels of awesome every day.

Unmetered content, including Linux distros, files, and more. An impressive 16 TERABYTES of content in all, if I remember correctly.

Now they’ve gone and raised my usage limit again, with their new Easy Broadband plan. On this plan, I get 50GB of usage to use every month, at 1500/256 speeds, or the fastest available at my exchange (so theoretically I could be getting ADSL2+ speeds if Telstra lifted their game), all for $50 a month.

Too easy.

Internode. New levels of awesome.

This post brought to you by Blogtober 2009. Yes, this is the third time I’ve been late, but there were other considerations, okay?

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