Happy Australia Day

Apologies for the lateness of this post; I can’t get access to the Internet every day, much less if I’m posting from my iPhone… In any case, here it is anyway:
Happy Australia Day.

On this most excellent of days, it’s a shame I can’t be in Australia to er… be Australian (what else do you do in Australia?). Patriotism and all that, you know?

In actual fact, this year’s Australia day coincides with Chinese New Year’s Day. It doesn’t happen all the time, as Chinese New Year’s Day doesn’t happen on the same day each year…

In any case, my Australia day was spent doing pretty much crap all…

Woke up blastedly early, washed, ate, went to some exceptionally boring church service for Chinese New Year’s day, ate lunch, slept, went out with cousins to return a mahjong set (that failed – no reciept, d’oh), ate some spicy deep fried chicken from Maccas with curly fries (also with aforementioned cousins), had an epic gambling session with more cousins where we played the non Texas Hold-Em version of poker, blackjack, and Big 2 (overall, I won RM 3 – the Australian equivalent of about $1.20 😛 ). Finally, watched some Dragon Ball Z (up to the Android saga now), blogged, and it’s now 1am on my birthday, and I’m sitting here typing this in the dark on my iPhone…

Ahh, perfect.

As for you, I hope you did something outrageously Australian on Australia day… I’d be mega proud of you if you did, but if you didn’t, well, there’s always next year, hey?

Comment below, mates.

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