Happy Birthday To Me…

Oops. Yet again, this one’s a little late. Apologies.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

It’s almost sad to think that I have to say happy birthday to myself on my own blog. The least you could do is comment this post 😉

In other news, I’m 18. Adult status means I can now drink (legally), vote (/care), and also be tried as an adult when I break the law (don’t plan to, but good to know nonetheless).

So… Have a cold one without me, and if you’re one of my facebook friends, be nice enough to say “happy bday” on my Wall. You’ll find my facebook profile link on the contact page of this blog, from the menu up the top.

My birthday wasn’t actually that bad. In the typical Benny Ling summary style, it was:

Wash, eat, go out with cousins to internet cafe to play Warcraft DOTA (some weird RPG/RTS thing, but I did manage to BSOD the computer I was playing on not once, but twice), go out with a different set of cousins to buy stuff, come home, eat, play Warlords and Scumbags with cousins, write some blog articles, sleep (nap only), go out for dinner at some wierd place, eat cake at home, watch Dragon Ball Z, write this post, sleep.

I guess that’s about it, but for now, I just have this one thing to say:

Cheers! 😀

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