Razer Onza Tournament Edition

Short, mini-review: works well in Burnout: Paradise. Trigger design a little weird, sometimes a little uncomfortable. Hyper-response action buttons (X Y A B) have almost zero travel, but feel crisp. Backlit keys are cool. Cord is fantastically long. Can’t really tell the difference between the most and least resistant of the adjustable-resistance keys. Shoulder buttons are super-clicky, like clicky in the extreme. Haven’t tried the programmable buttons.

Overall: it’s different. I think the next controller I buy might be the standard controller (the new one, with the ultra-cool transforming d-pad).

Update! Apparently I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to work technology, because I only figured that the clicking sounds the adjustable-resistance analog sticks were making were it actually, um, adjusting the resistance, and not breaking all the things. With the resistance now adjusted, I can definitely feel the difference between settings, and it definitely makes a difference in twitch-reaction games, or games were precision is necessary. Recommendation upgraded from “meh” to “actually not bad”.

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