Written? Kitten!

A fantastic new website, where you write a few hundred words, and get a new kitten picture.

What’s really crazy is that, I just started writing… and managed to hit 100 words exactly. It was all drivel, but 100 words! Without planning it out. Makes very little sense, but it’s all correct and everything…

Once up on a time, there was a guy. This guy was like, hey, look, a webpage where people can write stuff into this here text box and get kittens! So this guy, right, he started writing.

And writing.

And writing.

He wrote and wrote and wrote, until he reached about the 100 word mark, in order to get a new kitten. Please, he begged the masters of the kitten counter, please, he just wanted to see a new kitten once he reached that special 100 word mark. Only ten more words to go, said he, and there it was.


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