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Top 10 Raw Deals for Gamers

5. Downloads Priced Same as Discs

There aren’t as many test cases here yet, because few console games have been released in both downloadable and disc versions, but the data we have is disheartening. It’s much, much cheaper to sell a downloadable game: You don’t have to print a disc, and middlemen don’t take a cut. Win-win, right? More like win-lose. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue costs the same $30 as a PlayStation 3 disc or a PlayStation Store download. The disc is undeniably more valuable, since it can be resold. If the prices are the same, digital versions give gamers less for their money. (At least the IRS isn’t taxing downloads — yet.)

via Top 10 Raw Deals for Gamers | GameLife | Wired.com.

That’s just not fair.

Not My Notes from WWDC

And some hilariously awful music plays before the session starts, including this song — a lot. The awful pre-session music, as well as the awful conference-center food, becomes a joke and bonding experience with the other attendees.

via Marco.org – Notes from WWDC 2009.

I bought this song because it’s actually incredibly catchy, and because I have 5 free songs on the iTMS thanks to Mac1 Australia! 😀

If you’re after the iTMS links, it’s here. Enjoy.

Adobe Illustrator – “Not Enough Memory”

Not Enough Memory

Illustrator: This is pretty much the worst thing you could have go wrong in an application other than it breaking your computer

via Adobe UI Gripes.

In other news… Adobe Flex Builder 3 weighs in a 390MB…

On the other hand, thanks to Adobe making it free for educational use. Now, if only that happened with the Creative Suite, my life would be complete… 😀