15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All

How about an epic PC versus console gaming smackdown, in the tradition of end-of-year numbers lists?

I spent part of 2008 taking polite shots at PC foibles like Microsoft’s halfhearted Games for Windows initiative, the functionality and game support travesties that plagued Vista for the better part of 2007 into 2008, PC gaming’s dwindling stable of A-list exclusives, and the short-term-gains mentality that’s increasingly dropping eggs in low-risk baskets labeled “World of Warcraft” and “The Sims.”

So here’s my last minute about-face defending the PC as a viable games platform, and a friendly rejoinder to Techradar’s “12 reasons console gaming beats PCs.”

via 15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All – PC World.

PC Gaming is just far superior to console gaming.

Sure, while you don’t have to have to upgrade your console every 8-12 months to have a decent gaming PC, you can enjoy the benefits of all the things listed in the article.

Personally, I’d rather game on a PC than on a console. Either one is cool, but whatever – if someone publishes a story detailing why console gaming is better then PC gaming, I’ll link that too. 😀

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