The Curious Case Of The Noisypoppy…

Intriguing indeed.

These things all seem to start with Twitter, don’t they? In this case, this tweet pointed me to a link – which promptly 404’d on me. “Address Not Found”, said Firefox.

Hmm. I thought nothing of it until this morning, when yet another tweet came in. I tried the link contained within again, and, surprise surprise, another 404, with exactly the same error message. Now, I was curious. Why was I getting 404s? I tried the excellent website, and even that said was down.

As a preliminary step, I tried it on my iPhone over the 3G network. Funnily enough, it loaded fine there – however, still no joy on iPhone or Mac via Wi-Fi. To me, this said something about DNS.

Next, I tried the good old proxy way:, and then any one from the list – lo and behold, actually worked. I was able to browse and interact with the website in a normal way – via proxy.

By this time I was convinced it was something to do with DNS. So off to – where I then plugged in the requisite IPs into my Mac’s DNS entires (after the Internode ones on my router). I try and load up noisypoppy, and what do you know, it works perfectly. Curiouser and curiouser…

I managed to subscribe to the RSS feed (so I don’t have to go and manually check the website), but now when I go and try and read any of the articles from NetNewsWire, it still manages to 404 on me.. 🙁

Why won’t things just work? And here I was, thinking the internet was downright infallible… 🙁

If you think you’ve got a solution for me to try (or think I’ve missed something), shout out in comments.

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  • 🙁
    My webhost is so suck it has featured in somebody elses blog on how suck it is.

    A new low for!

    PS. I’m going to move it pretty soon I think .. any suggestions?

  • Sure – you might want to try some Aussie hosters (give @matthewlesh a yell out, he manages Unlimited Hosting ), or you can try a new Aussie host, Chombo: – @matthew858 uses this, he’s nothing but impressed (judging by his tweets).

  • @Benny Ling:

    chombo looks great, I might move over this afternoon

  • weedman

    I don’t this article at all.

    Same ISP, on an exchange within 35kms of bennys, and yet still able to view the site.

    Sounds like a mac fail to me…

  • Sorry? You don’t what the article?

    In any case, the site also works for me now.

    It wasn’t working this morning, nor last night.

    Also – how is it a Mac fail if also says it’s down?

    Sounds like your comment just scored a score:0; Unfunny, Stupid, and Ignorant.