I always feel apprehensive about getting a haircut. I’m not really sure why — it’s not like I was horribly disfigured by a hairdresser as a child (that I know of, anyway), but for some reason, I always feel a certain anxiety that comes with getting a haircut.

Maybe it’s the questions they ask you when you sit in the chair. As a guy, there aren’t many possible answers to the question “what would you like done today”, so I usually mumble something along the lines of “the thing with the scissors”. Other times, it’s “just a haircut, thanks”. I’m not really sure what other things happen at hairdressers. Do they make coffee? Perhaps they can fix my computer, while they’re at it?

But now that I think about, my nervousness probably has something to do with the fact I don’t “do” anything to my hair. I usually just leave it alone — sometimes I’ll run a comb through it, but that’s about it. I don’t use any product, and while spiking your hair was all the rage in primary school, doing it when you’re twenty-something is kinda weird, in my opinion. So I just let my hair do its thing.

I’ve never dyed my hair or done anything else to it. I wanted blonde tips so badly back in primary school because all the cool kids were doing it, but my parents never let me, no matter how much I begged them. I think that’s when I started doing nothing to my hair, just brushing it straight down or sometimes a little to the side.

Doing nothing to style my hair in any way has earned me something of a reputation at work, where I’m now known as the guy who has the same hairstyle, day in, day out. And to be honest, I’m not sure what the big fuss is — some people use some kind of product in their hair, others don’t. Obviously if you’re a girl you have a few options, as far as hair goes, but things are a little different if you’re a guy.

Whatever. I’m not really fussed — which, turns out to my reaction to whatever kind of haircut I get. I mean, it’ll all grow out in a few weeks anyway, right?

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