We’re now past the halfway point of Blogvember, and already I’m feeling the effects of writing semi-coherent thoughts on a variety of topics on a daily basis. Every two or three days is fine as it gives me a chance to think up something interesting and run with that, but forcing myself to write about something every day makes for complete drivel, at times.

As usual, the problem is not having enough time to do everything I want in a day and then bash out another 300+ words on a topic I feel would be interesting. Having interesting stuff to write about isn’t really the problem — I always have stuff I can write about — finding the time to do so is another thing entirely.

It was easy during my “working holiday” to just write the news, then plough straight on through to writing about an idea that I had floating around — that’s how the Nintendo 3DS and Smurfing posts came about, for example. While there’s still a few things revolving around PAX that I could potentially write about, I want to leave a little gap between the posts, to try and spread them out. That said, we’ll probably have another PAX-related post by the end of the week that I’m kind of excited to write about, so keep an eye out for that.

For now, I’m just going to contemplate which bus I’m going to catch to work in a few minutes, think about the next post I’m going to write, and look over some Shadow of Mordor screenshots and wonder what kind of a story I can tell with those.

These words, while related to Blogvember 2014, aren’t actually a part of it and don’t count towards the daily blog post. By my count, I’m now four days (including today) behind — I still need posts from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today. Geez. Read other Blogvember posts.