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Borderlands, Steam, and one screwed up release date.


Yep – the above image was pretty much me at 6:30am this morning. (Image credit Whirlpool forums)

Having done lots of study the previous day to make up for what I had hoped was going to be an excellent day of FPS/RPG fun, I was greeted with the words “Pre-load complete; unreleased” when I looked at Borderlands in my Steam Games.

Shock turned to horror as I visited the Steam page for Borderlands, which happily, even casually, informed me that the unlock date had been pushed back a little over three days.

Horror turned to pure anger (much like the ragetoon above) when I realised what Steam had actually done – screwed Australian gamers over once again.

The official Steam comment is nothing short of abysmal:

Sorry for the confusion, guys. There was a slight mix-up with the release dates. North America will be releasing in an hour or so while Europe, Australia, etc. will be releasing 12:01am GMT on the 30th.

The count-down you see on the page now should be accurate.

A SLIGHT MIX UP is the understatement of the year.

Here’s a quick recap as to what’s happened in relation to Borderlands so far:

  1. Firstly, it wasn’t available for preorder in Australia, when it was in the US.
    Steam later said this was an issue with their store, which they then rectified by adding a new item to the store: “Borderlands Australia”.
  2. This, combined with the fact that there’s a “borderlands_low_violence.ncf” file somewhere among the Borderlands files, lead people to assume that Borderlands is censored for Australia. However – this isn’t the case.
  3. Internode then broke the news that there was a wrong version of Borderlands that Australian Steam users received. They managed to confirm with 2K Games that the Australian version was indeed censored. This was then wrong, however – “The full violence version of Borderlands was successfully rated by the Classification Board. […] Just to reiterate, Aussies will be playing the full violence version of the game, complete with gibs and all.” This was further confirmed by the fact that new Borderlands installs on Australian Steam accounts contain no such “borderlands_low_violence.gcf” file.

So. Here we are – 3 days out of the official Borderlands release in Australia, all while our US counterparts are playing the game.

That’s not the real issue here, though – it’s the fact that, up until ONE HOUR before the game unlocked (that is, 5am this morning), the countdown on an Australian Steam client showed the US countdown. This just doesn’t make sense, especially when you take into account that there was a separate “Borderlands Australia” store item created in the first place.

Don’t kid yourself if you think that Steam don’t have the technology to have two separate countdown timers, oh no – when they can clearly differentiate between different regions based on IP address, remember things like credit card details, account passwords – don’t tell me they can’t have two separate countdown timers.


Enough about that, though.

I’ve played Borderlands for a good 3 hours now, and can say it’s completely awesome, and deserves all the credit it gets.

This post part of Blogtober 2009 (where, I think you’ll know by now, I post a blog post every day of October 2009) – Borderlands is one of the best games of 2009 (that I’ve played).

What is the meaning of cricket bats in L4D2?

There’s a cricket bat in Left 4 Dead 2, and after pondering how such an instrument could find its way to the southern United States (we certainly don’t make them here, and every American knows that we don’t allow people with them to enter the country), we’ve come up with a few theories…

via Thwack! Left 4 Dead 2 survivors play a bit of cricket.

The REAL reason there’s a cricket bat in L4D2 is that the Ashes is currently being played in England, and the cricket bat symbolism in L4D2 is simply Valve’s way of saying that Australia (as represented by the Infected) are going to be beat silly by the English, as represented by the Survivors.

Or something.

I don’t really know, I’m just speculating 😉

Happy Australia Day

Apologies for the lateness of this post; I can’t get access to the Internet every day, much less if I’m posting from my iPhone… In any case, here it is anyway:
Happy Australia Day.

On this most excellent of days, it’s a shame I can’t be in Australia to er… be Australian (what else do you do in Australia?). Patriotism and all that, you know?

In actual fact, this year’s Australia day coincides with Chinese New Year’s Day. It doesn’t happen all the time, as Chinese New Year’s Day doesn’t happen on the same day each year…

In any case, my Australia day was spent doing pretty much crap all…

Woke up blastedly early, washed, ate, went to some exceptionally boring church service for Chinese New Year’s day, ate lunch, slept, went out with cousins to return a mahjong set (that failed – no reciept, d’oh), ate some spicy deep fried chicken from Maccas with curly fries (also with aforementioned cousins), had an epic gambling session with more cousins where we played the non Texas Hold-Em version of poker, blackjack, and Big 2 (overall, I won RM 3 – the Australian equivalent of about $1.20 😛 ). Finally, watched some Dragon Ball Z (up to the Android saga now), blogged, and it’s now 1am on my birthday, and I’m sitting here typing this in the dark on my iPhone…

Ahh, perfect.

As for you, I hope you did something outrageously Australian on Australia day… I’d be mega proud of you if you did, but if you didn’t, well, there’s always next year, hey?

Comment below, mates.

Great Firewall of Australia: What’s not mentioned makes it even more scary

Many in Australia, and those overseas interested in censorship would have now read a post from the Australian Minister for Censorship Stephen Conroy responding to concern over the implementation of the Great Firewall of Australia.

I won’t rehash what’s already been reported, but having read it several times since publication, it’s what’s left out that makes the proposal even more scary.

via Great Firewall of Australia: What’s not mentioned makes it even more scary.

Oh noes.

If you have a look at the image on that post (duplicated here for the lazy amount you), then you’ll see that Australia will become and Internet Black Hole.

Australia: The Internet's Black Hole.